• Al Maimana Co., For Engineering ServicesIraqi Company which interested with achieved of the strategic projects .


  • AL Maimana General Trading Company Limited
    Iraqi Company , active in the Trading field 

  • Al Khair Al Katheer Co., for General Trading & Contracting
    Iraqi Company active in the contracting and construction of hospitals , housing complexes , Bridges , highway roads , water drinking stations in addition of general trading

  • Al Maimana Co., for Petroleum Services
    Iraqi company , interested with Oil & Gas industry

  • Al Maimana Co., for Commercial Agencies
    Iraqi Company , interested with representation of companies that producing trucks , cars , machines & Equipment

  • Al Maimana Co., for Ocean Services
    Iraqi Company interested with Navigation services & Ocean Transporting

  • Al Maimana Trading FZCO
    Registered in UAE
    Interested with trading of Sugar , Sunflower Oil & Milk

  • One 11 General Trading LLC
    Registered in UAE
    Interested with trading of Rice & Wheat

  • Al Bahyah Global Trading
    Registered in Jordan
    Interested with trading of :
    Steel Bars , Industrial steel , water tankers , Suction & Jutting Trucks

  • Western Investment Company
    Registered in Jordan
    Interested with Woods Trading

  • Nouri Hamad Jummaa Co., for Genral Contracting Ltd
    Registered in IRAQ
    Interested with constructed of sewage networks , storm water networks , water treatment , pumping stations , lightening of roads and cities

  • Abraj Al Uaqoot for General Contracting Ltd
    Registered in Iraq
    Interested by construction of infrastructure projects , Universities , Hospitals , refineries , water and sewage projects