Al khair Al Katheer Co., for General Trading & Contracting is an extension of AbdulKarim Kharbit Company, the leader in the field of general contracting since the middle of the last century

The achieved projects value since 1956 up to 2010 about 17 Billion US Dollars

While the value of projects that recently achieved by our companies group about 272,149,564 Million US Dollars  


We are active in the following fields :

  •  Construction of housing & commercial complexes.
  •  Hospitals & Health Centers.
  •  Malls & Sport Centers.
  •  Highway Roads & Bridges.
  •  Construction of Civil & Military Runways.
  •  Treatment Water Stations.
  •  Oil & Gas Pipelines.
  •  Construction of Refineries.
  •  Oil & Gas Tanks.
  •  Electric Power Stations.
  •  Transmission of Electricity Lines. 
  •  Power Sub-stations.
  •  Supplying of heavy duty equipment & Machines.
  •  Establish of Plants and production lines.

The Company Seeks to raise & develop its potential through a partnership with a lot of international companies specialized in many areas through partnership or obtaining approved by the agencies in accordance with legal assets.